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A virtual tour allows you to remotely be present in a certain place and is to represent a real place in the virtual world. This allows you to move from one point to another and observe in all directions. Creating a 3D virtual tour is an important element for tourist attractions, investment areas, museums, hotels, streets and visualization of offices and apartments for sale. This method is not only a modern interactive display of information, but also an additional advertising tool, as classic methods, such as photos or videos, can not cover the whole atmosphere and immerse a person in a very realistic cyberspace.

Engineering thesis: “Virtual walk around the apartment”

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Create a virtual tour of the apartment without a personal visit. This is a way to reduce unnecessary visits during a pandemic. This will allow potential customers to carefully check and select an offer that meets their expectations, and actual visits will be made mainly by those customers who are already interested in the offer.

We offer many variants tailored to your needs, be it in the case of real estate agencies or private individuals. Below we present an indicative price list and types of packages.

You get the publication of the Evryplace walk, 360-degree photos, codes and links to post a virtual tour on websites.

ZSPON members can get a discount on the Light package – 50 zł and Basic, Pro and Full are 100 zł cheaper.

Do you want to virtually walk around your company or apartment? Write or call us.

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